COVID-19 Protection


Package contents:This item includes:EN14683: 2019 Type 1

50 PCS / Carton = 17,5*9,5cm

  • Structure and composition:
 3-layer structure  Spunbond(PP) + Meltblown(PP) + Spunbond(PP)
The disposable personal protective mask consists of a non-woven fabric layer and a mask band.
The non-woven fabric layer is composed of non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric folded and laminated, and the outer layer is non-woven fabric, and the inter-layer is melt-blown fabric.
  • Features
 - Without glass fibres- Hypoallergenic- Very low resistance to breathing- Nose Bar adaptable(The nose clip is easy to adjust and fits perfectly on nose)- High filtration capacity

(The mask is made of non-woven fabric, filter material and ultra- fine soft fibers, has excellent ventilation)

- Perfect fitting

  • Usage:very effective for filtering
 - Dust- Bacteria- Influenza- Pollen- Aerosol- PM2.5
  • Instructions
1. Unpack the product and place this mask with the nose clip facing up.

2. The white side facing inside, with the ear straps on both sides hanging on both ears

3. Gently press the nose clip to fit the nose bridge, adjust the bending of the nose clip,then press and hold the nose clip to pull the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw

4. Arrange the wearing position of the mask so that it covers the entire face,check the tightness of the edges to obtain the best protection effect

  • Use period
 - 1 year
  • Contraindications
 - Non-woven fabric allergy please use with caution
  • Storage environment
 1. Store at a temperature of -5 ℃  - 35 ℃.

2. Relative humidity does not exceed 80%.

3. No corrosive gas and good ventilation.

4. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

  • Attention
 1. It is a disposable mask. Please do not reuse after washing.

2. From a hygienic point of view, it is recommended to use 1 PC every 4 hours.After 4hours, please change to a new one.

3. This is personal protective face mask. It is for normal people.It is not suitable for doctors and nurses in hospitals (Hospital needs medical mask).

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  • EN 14683:2019 Test Report
  • EU Representative Agreement
  • Delivery Inspection record of Disposable Medical Mask (No Sterile) & Product QC Pass
  • Carton drawing

Size: 210*110*95mm      Gross Weight: 0,25Kg